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Our Boxed Hauses are designed with the environment in mind from start to finish. We invite the outside in with our open floorplans. Self-sustainability, easy transportation, quality and durability all wrapped up into one beautiful living space.


O.G.L.E.-1 Bedroom Loft

  • Entry level price of $59,999
  • 240 square feet of living space
  • Full Kitchen
  • Full bathroom, Flush toilet
  • 10X8 Loft bedroom with attached deck area
  • LED Lighting throughout
  • Gray water and Rainwater collection systems built-in
  • Wood Floors throughout


  • +Aluminum railing
  • +Smart home equipped
  • +5.1 Speaker system
  • +Premium Windows
  • +Granite countertops
  • +Premium kitchen cabinets
  • +Premium, energy efficient appliances
  • +Compostable toilet
  • +Solar Power

O.G.L.E.-1 Bedroom Ranch, Coming Soon

  • Entry level price of $65,999
  • Very comfortable 350 square feet that opens up
  • 2- 20’x8′ Containers
  • 9 ft ceilings
  • Roof deck and garden
  • Full Closet in bedroom
  • Washer/Dryer in bathroom
  • Smart Controlled
  • Energy efficient
  • 36″ Standard door openings
  • ADA Adaptable

O.G.L.E.-1 Bedroom Ranch

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We can match our exterior to any home facade