Permitting, ADUs and Utilities


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), CA SB-1069

Many areas are now considering tiny homes ADU’s. Areas such as the state of California, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA now have statutes and regulations for small homes to be used as accessory dwelling units. These new laws make it considerably easier to permit our units and place them on existing properties. Check out Senate Bill No. 1069.


Water and Sewage

The question about sewage is alway first, what are you going to do with it?

A. Connect to existing sewer or septic line


B. Sewage holding tank for conventional toilet to be emptied when full


C. Composting Toilet



A. Connect to water source, traditional hose and water spigot or water line.


B. Rain Catch Watering System, All of our units have a built in water-catch system

water tank


Our O.G.L.E.’s are set up to be very energy efficient we encourage renewable energy, but you can still connect to a current 220v power supply as well.

FLEX500bigsmall_wind_turbineflowerhydroshed batteriesServicePanel

Here is how the tiny home community is handling permits and related issues.

Put it on wheels

Trailer Haus

Using a trailer can be one of the most simplest ways of legalizing your unit. Essentially , using a trailer will make your Boxed Haus a RV. Building departments typically do not have jurisdiction over RV’s.


4 thoughts on “Permitting, ADUs and Utilities

  1. Do you transport it without the second story & then build that onsite? Does it come off fairly easily so that the container could be moved again?

    1. Yes, Exactly. The unit is built in sections. You got it.

  2. How much for the unit showcased on YouTube with two floors?

    1. Hi Lavon, that fully loaded unit cost 73k. lmi if you have questions? 831-254-2460

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