1. Where do you get the containers?
  2. Are your containers durable?
  3. Are Boxed Hauses easy to ship?

Where do you get the containers?

We purchase single-use containers from ports in the Bay Area. These are containers that have been shipped from where they were built to the US and wouldn’t ever be used again,  collecting dust, and rust, somewhere near the port.

A structural engineer inspects all of our containers to look for signs of damage, and we pass on any containers that don’t meet our level of quality.

Are your containers durable?

Yes! We take extreme care to make our containers highly durable and go so far as to provide an extended warranty to all our buyers.

Some of the steps we take to ensure high durability are:

  • Multiple exterior coats of non-rusting paint
  • Use of only Stainless or Galvanized Steel
  • Doubling all the joists for extra strength

Are Boxed Hauses easy to ship?

Yes, incredibly easy!  Every Boxed Haus is constructed to be 100% street legal on a trailer, requiring no special paperwork or permits to move.

Our unique second story design allows us to deconstruct the walls and ship them within the container, and reassembly only takes two people less than a day to complete!