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Wanna be on TV?

Hello subscribers,

Have any of you ever dreamed of being on TV? Well we have an opportunity for you to make that dream come true. HGTV has reached out to boxed Haus again asking if we would like to participate in yet another TV show with them! This could be a great opportunity for us and for anyone of you!

We are looking for individuals, couples, even families to partake in Boxed Haus building them a tiny home while being filmed. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic clients.

If you or anyone you know is interested please contact

~Boxed Haus

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Come See Us!

Hello Subscribers,

Starting this Sunday for the next four Sundays BoxedHaus wants to invite you to come see our creation! From 1pm to 4pm we will be holding an open house so that you can come get an actual live tour of BoxedHaus tiny home. We encourage you all to take some time from your busy schedules and come see us at 210 El Camino Rd Scotts Valley, CA. Please contact us with any questions or comments.


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The Boxed Haus Advantage – key elements

There is so much to list about this house but i want to try and point out key factors that make Boxed Haus unique.

Rain Water Collection System

Under the deck there is 6″ wide, 1/4″ thick, flat iron welded to make a basin under the deck. Then 3″ angle iron, 1/4″ thick, welded in to support deck joist. We then used, high density foam on a pitch, coated with Gaco epoxy, then coating with 100% silicone. This is what they use on industrial roof and will last 50 yrs.

Full Bedroom Upstairs

Will come shipped in the container in 9 separate pieces. The pieces are engineered to slide into 6″ angle iron, 1/4″ thick, welded to the top of the container to form the base of the upstairs unit. The upstairs bedroom floor is made with 2×10′ joist and 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood, eventually hardwood. The structure is impressively strong. Fits a queen size bed and ample room for clothing cabinets.

Shippable and Low Foot Print

This unit only takes up 20×8 or 160 sq. ft. of land. It can be perched on pillars anywhere or left on trailer.  It is not long and awkward like the 40′ container which would be hard to put a lot of places. You prep where you want it and we will ship it and build it in 3 days at your location.

Energy Considerate

The propane stove and water heater help curb electrical energy,so solar can work more effectively year round. Every light is led and can be programed to conserve energy as well. The Refrigerator is efficient and uses low energy . The mini-split is the heavy user energy but lowest compared to all other systems. The unit can be open to outdoors and closed up then heated or cooled very quickly due to low sq. ft. If you can set all your energy usage from your phone, it becomes easy to manage.

Closed bay doors



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Learning to sell Tiny homes? You always get what you pay for.

So, I am trying to make a business selling tiny homes. I’m confident, I designed a great unit and confident that people will enjoy it. I used only the best materials. I posted it in a couple of places and the response was great. The only negative response was the price. It was so bad that someone called me dishonest for asking 80k for my container. I’ve shopped for other tiny homes online and elsewhere. These builders start at ridiculously low attractive numbers and then say ” If you want a sink, thats extra” and so on. They rope people in and when they are done you spent more than 80k. Here at Boxed Haus, we won’t trick you, you get what you pay for.

Have a great day.


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Radiant Barrier Paint

What happens when you take the best paint available for metal;



Then add KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier

(I ordered on the internet and when I opened it, I thought a swat team was going to jump out, I made sure it wasn’t from Colombia)






KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier Paint Additive
Transform your ordinary paint into an Energy Saving, Thermal Blocking Coating that anyone can apply.

Koolcoat in atticUsing technology developed by NASA in the 1950′s to maintain astronauts temperature inside their space suits on space walks, this revolutionary radiant barrier paint additive is an inexpensive and easy-to-use radiant barrier material now available to the general public.

KOOLCOAT’s non-toxic, chemically stable ceramic microspheres ( glass bubbles) mixed with any paint can effectively block up to 97% of harmful UV Rays. KOOLCOAT can be applied to the exterior and interior of your building to PROTECT it from the radiant heat of the sun. The increased radiant barrier properties of Koolcoat lowers energy bills and, as an added bonus, KOOLCOAT insulates from sound as well!

KOOLCOAT can be blended with all paints – water, oil or resin based
KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier paint additive LOWERS ENERGY COSTS (we have seen up to 50%)
KOOLCOAT Insulates sound as well as heat if applied correctly
KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier Paint reflects up to 98% of harmful UV rays
The reflective properties of KOOLCOAT prevents the sun’s energy (both visible and infrared spectrums) from being absorbed, thereby reducing surface temperatures. Exterior surfaces coated with Koolcoat will maintain the same temperature as the surrounding air temperature.
KoolCoat can be sprayed, rolled or brushed
Can be applied to any surface you would ordinarily paint