I am Todd Clayton, one of the founders of Boxed Haus.  I have been a general contractor for nearly 20 years, in two different states. As a general contractor, I was known for tackling the jobs where others had failed before me.

Recently the tiny home trend has been growing.  While watching this trend grow, my cofounders and I felt that we could make a smaller home that was actually livable by the average person. We started by identifying all the amenities a small home needed, and which could be left out. One of the areas in the tiny home trend that we found troubling is the overall durability of these homes: wood construction, built on a trailer frame. This is what turned our eyes towards using cargo shipping containers as the base for our homes.

A cargo shipping container 20’x8′ can hold 70,000 lbs of cargo and its frame can hold 420,000 lbs of top pressure. We had a durable base to build from, but that was just the beginning. The approach was simple, use the best quality for everything, from plumbing fixtures, to all hardware being stainless steel or galvanized, to high-tech finishes; we sacrificed nothing. Twenty plus years of general contracting experience went into making this home the high quality.

We cut  the container and welded in extra steel to reinforce strength in the areas in which framing would go. We spent close to 9 months designing our first unit without compromising our mission of trying to make the best small home.

At this point, we have accomplished our mission and are ready to share our product with the world!