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Radiant Barrier Paint

What happens when you take the best paint available for metal;



Then add KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier

(I ordered on the internet and when I opened it, I thought a swat team was going to jump out, I made sure it wasn’t from Colombia)






KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier Paint Additive
Transform your ordinary paint into an Energy Saving, Thermal Blocking Coating that anyone can apply.

Koolcoat in atticUsing technology developed by NASA in the 1950′s to maintain astronauts temperature inside their space suits on space walks, this revolutionary radiant barrier paint additive is an inexpensive and easy-to-use radiant barrier material now available to the general public.

KOOLCOAT’s non-toxic, chemically stable ceramic microspheres ( glass bubbles) mixed with any paint can effectively block up to 97% of harmful UV Rays. KOOLCOAT can be applied to the exterior and interior of your building to PROTECT it from the radiant heat of the sun. The increased radiant barrier properties of Koolcoat lowers energy bills and, as an added bonus, KOOLCOAT insulates from sound as well!

KOOLCOAT can be blended with all paints – water, oil or resin based
KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier paint additive LOWERS ENERGY COSTS (we have seen up to 50%)
KOOLCOAT Insulates sound as well as heat if applied correctly
KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier Paint reflects up to 98% of harmful UV rays
The reflective properties of KOOLCOAT prevents the sun’s energy (both visible and infrared spectrums) from being absorbed, thereby reducing surface temperatures. Exterior surfaces coated with Koolcoat will maintain the same temperature as the surrounding air temperature.
KoolCoat can be sprayed, rolled or brushed
Can be applied to any surface you would ordinarily paint


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