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We Started with a 20′ x 8′ x8′ 6″ Shipping Container


2 thoughts on “We Started with a 20′ x 8′ x8′ 6″ Shipping Container

  1. Is it possible to use a longer sized box with your design?Because I’m thinking the longer box can add another living area and maybe a set of stairs going to the upper room then cut out the higher-end elements to keep the price in the same ballpark. I think that the design is sweet and that the way I’d make bigger families happy would be with these options… which I’m sure you’ve already contemplated…

    1. Hi Nick,

      Using one of the 40’x8′ footprint shipping containers is possible. We’ve thought a lot about using them, and it’s on our roadmap to release around Q3 of next year (it takes us about a year to iterate on our designs to make sure they’re perfect).

      Before then, we plan on releasing an option for installing 2 of the 20’x8′ containers side by side or end to end, essentially accomplishing the same goal. We’re hoping to release that much earlier next year, towards the end of Q1 in 2017. That unit and the one you suggested will both be ADA compliant as well.

      If you’re signed up for our mailing list, we’ll be sure to send an email about these and other new Boxed Haus’s as we get close to a release!


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